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Beeing Beautiful Sleep Bath Bomb

Beeing Beautiful Sleep Bath Bomb

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Soothe your soul and tired muscles with a relaxing pre-bed ritual:
Pop the Lavender, Bergamot and Patchouli-infused Sleep Bomb into the bath to quiet the mind and get ready for sweet dreams. Especially gentle + effective for little ones who benefit from routine and a soothing bath to drift off to sleep. Formulated with Coconut + Sweet Almond Oil for a luxuriously moisturizing experience while Dead Sea and Epsom Salts relieve muscle tension.

The best part of an au natural bath bomb?

Brazilian Purple Clay gives the Sleep Bomb its color and will wash away down the drain with your troubles, so you won’t be left with stains.

(And can head straight to bed)

20% larger than your average bath bomb for a longer-lasting fizz derived from SLSa, the healthy alternative for a rich lather.

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